Not incredibly active at the time.  ISO P. Stones, Harmony Packs, Bewitched Pumpkin, GAs, Helios Rays, & a Pesti coat. PM me!  Graphics contest in my forum!

                                    I  try to return all congrats.                                                                                                                                                 Christian. Marvel. Star Wars. Agents of Shield. Books. Movies. Fitness. Beaches. Sports. Coffee. Music. Art. Science.                                                                                           
Thanks to Lazarus, youc, and heroine for these graphics!
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Marvelous Skywalkers: Thoroughbreds
My Game: I am a returning player. Currently focusing just on trophies and collections. I am technically an adult, so keep this in mind. 

News: Highest Popularity Ranking: 14th. Thanks to all who visit my page! Wandering Horse Visits: 2. HOPs won from Xanthos: 10+. 1 million equus reached. Won my first ever divine from a HOP. Never had one on any of my previous accounts. 

Giveaways: May or may not be up to date. lexie.0623, dragon_girl, Horse-Breeder, 19s.abang, paigej and 19s.rbang, Emma!, Cuddlybunny102, Yubin 

- 2x Philotes Strokes
-3x Artemis Arrow.                                                         -1x Hera Pack
-1x Fertility Wand
-5x Apollos Lyres                                                           -1x Button plait 
-3x Achilles heels                                                           -2x Bonus Pack 
-2x Pandoras Box                                                           -1x Poseidon Pack

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THOROUGHBREDS: I am currently breeding thoroughbreds casually for fun. Highest GP is over 16840, and I have bred a few solid rosette winners. All names come from Marvel and Star Wars (hence the affix Marvelous Skywalkers), and none are or will ever be for sale.                                                                            DONKEYS/DRAFTS: Breeding donkeys and Percherons as a side project. Affix is Tea Thyme.                                                                                               
UNICORNS: At the moment, I have Thoroughbreds, Connemaras, Haflingers, Brumbys, Mustangs, Arabians, Shires, Marwaris, Shetlands, Peruvian Pasos, and Fjords. Looking to have a bred a unicorn of every breed. Affix is Ultraviolence Unicorns, and names from each breed come from song titles from a specific artist. 
COLLECTIONS: I have completed the Magic Hat and Book of Monsters Collections, and I am looking to finish the 5th Element, Double Sided Medallion, and Bewitched Pumpkin collections. I am also buying immortal GAs and RCs, so PM me if you are selling and I'll see if I am interested.