Welcome to my page!
I'm an adult player, my main focus is the Appaloosa breed, unicorn and riding horse. My goal is to eventually have all of my horses above 25000 GP

My fjord horses are just for fun, I like the uncommon colors.

I breed donkeys & Shires, riding horse and unicorns (Mostly for my GA collections)

All of my horses in the other horses tab are for sale, all sales are negotiable. 

I collect Mushroom Golden apple coats
Magic mushrooms 

I collected Bella Sara Cards growing up, the Golden apple/helios ray reminds me of my card collection a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582023526.png

I accept friend requests
I help with objectives & events
I buy Helios Ray - 150,000 equus
I buy phanes eggs - 50,000 equus