10/21 Now it's the busy season: only logging in to do the events.
Meh.  I mainly breed Thoroughbreds, but there are days that I get bored and end up doing irrational things like buy new horses...  (bad Camp... bad...) I do hoard GA coats and BMI items - Currently on a minor hiatus from breeding, but I'm still getting on to do objectives, event, caring for the Divines, answer messages, and lurk in the forums.  (Shh, I see everything, even though I'm the quiet one.) You're welcome to message me regarding game tips and get to know me, but in terms of team recruitment, wanting to buy any horses with the Triple Sevens Frenzy affix. I'll politely decline your offer. lol  do enjoy messages from other players, especially those who put in the effort to even send a hi.  It makes my day, because I'm extremely shy and afraid of messaging people - well, it's mainly anxiety, but that's okay.    However, I am an adult player - please get parental permission before messaging me if under the age 18. You may add me too - I like helping out with events and sending lottery tickets/smack pinatas, so on so on..  Also if you need help with an objective, send me a message and we can work something out. 
Campolina | Returning player after 5 years | seniority from 2007-2015 and back in 2020 | adult player | Married | 5 year old son | Ragamuffin & Aussie Mom | TEXAS Born and Raised | Nurse  | Streamer, Gamer & Beta-Tester  | American football lover | Thriller novelist | Pianist | Always have snacks | GIF Queen |
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