Old Howrse player from around 2007-2009. Just coming back for fun, now as an adult player. I used to specialize in raising Arabian unicorns so it's a bit sad to have my old account closed, but that's what happens when you leave a platform for 10+ years.

My unicorns (Akhal-Teke, Marwari, and Shagya Arabian) are bred under the affix Uniqlo, with Akhal-Tekes as my primary breed. My unicorns are only for sale if listed. I tend to sell at either under 6 months or 100 BLUP.

I sometimes breed Akhal-Tekes, Marwaris, and Shagya Arabians for skill as well.

Always looking for fertility wands,  Hera Packs, Morpheus' arms, Achilles' Heels, Philosophers' Stones, and Chronos Timers!

LOOKING FOR (in order of priority)
none at the moment

UNICORN SALES (all negotiable within reason)
- Hamilton (Akhal-Teke M, 11872GP, -100BLUP): 30 passes
- PB&J (Purebred Spanish Horse M, 5526GP, 100BLUP): 30 passes
- Aglio (Akhal-Teke F, 5827GP, 100BLUP): 50 passes

Unicorns not for sale unless specifically listed. All my uni fails are sold directly at 5000 equus (sometimes lower depending on GP and breed), but if you'd like one for a lower price, simply message me.

Horse coverings available:
Malibu (Marwari, 15102.36GP, 100BLUP)
Sleet (Shagya Arabian, 9558.64GP, 100BLUP)

Unicorn coverings available:
Skywalker (Akhal-Teke unicorn, 12199GP, 100BLUP)
Tidecaller (Akhal-Teke unicorn, 12150GP, 100BLUP)
Moonlight (Akhal-Teke unicorn, 11736GP)
Magnar (Akhal-Teke unicorn, 12000GP)
Mythos (Marwari unicorn, 11336GP)
Finite (Marwari unicorn, 11680GP)