9e19759ee26e1600b92e668d3f345a40.png Adult player back after like 10 years... Everyone's got something to procrastinate on right now amirite? 
** Going to be in finals this next week so I will not be super active**

Selling my Selles!!

I have some pretty high quality Selle horses that I impulse bought but I'm giving up on the breed as a whole to do more Mustang/Nokota breeding and focus on improving my EC! Check out my for sale horses or-- even if they're not for sale but you're interested, shoot me a message and we may be able to work something out. 

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  1. Yubin
  2. paigej and 19s.abang
  3. StanleyCarol
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  5.  lexie.0623 ! If she finds this on your page, you can win a foal, small BMI or a surprise. Hint: she check people who congratulate her. ;)
Currently looking to expand into breeding Mustangs, eventually Nokotas/Criollos, and other fun-colored coats (appys, knabstruppers, paints, anything really! My first pony growing up was a blue roan appy and I loved him!).

If you run a breeding team for Mustangs or Nokotas and are open to adding people OR are looking to sell some foundies, let me know! I'm starting to build a foundation for Mustangs and Nokotas but it's hard to do this alone.

My EC is called ~Geauxing Rogue~ and I'm shooting for quality over quantity. From now on I am only adding/building 3*** boxes with showers and water troughs and offering everything I can to my boarders (fodder, oats, mash, carrots, 3*** saddles and bridles, and equipment). My two affixes thus far are Geauxing/Geauxing/Gone (reserved for my classical style horses, mostly Selles right now but I think I'm going to give up on that, it's such a competitive and oversaturated market) and Geauxing Rogue (reserved for my western horses, including some drafts).

I try to log in every day and stay fairly consistent with the game and congratulate all my friends. If I randomly add you it's because you said something similar on your page. Add me as a friend! I don't bite I promise!

Trying to rebuild everything back from the ground up is haaaard.. but worth it, open to any suggestions, and if anyone is involved with mustang or coat breeding let me know! I'm definitely down to/hoping to join any breeding teams in the future.