About Fine Equine
If you look at the Fine Equine tab you will see some horses those horses are ALL for sale if you see a horse you like FOLLOW these steps.
1.Send me mail on Howrse and tell me the horse you LIKE (Breed,Color, Ect...)
2.I will read mail and put it on DIRECT SALE and I will NOTIFY you when i do.
3. If theirs NOT a horse you like on the tab Fine Equine i can also BREED any horse you would want Just Notify Me!

About Other Horses
The tab labeled Other Horses down below are my champion stallions and my breeding mares!!
If you would like to buy one of the horses ASK me in mail and I will decide if I want to sell her/him or not.


If you have a QUESTION or are NOT happy with your purchase PLEASE notify me!
Thank You for Your time!
Happy Shopping!!