I’m a player from U.S.A. and use the pronouns if she/her! In game time, my daily update is 11:00pm, observing Daylight Savings. I will be less likely to respond to PM’s from 10:00pm-6:00am as I will be tired and not in the mood to talk! I am a huge fan of Thoroughbreds and the many lovely shades of blue. I tend to not reach out to chat with others, but if you essays me, I’d be glad to talk! If you need help with daily objectives such as receive a color bonus, friend me and PM me and I’ll do what I can! Also I accept nearly every friend request, so don’t be shy, press the button :D        Status: Offline      Hiatus: No
Hello! My “name” is TopazFox and I’m an avid Howrser! My main breeds are Thoroughbreds, Lustiano’s, Draft Breeds, Donkeys, and Unicorns. I’m currently figuring out a project to create a “Warlander” breed in the game by crossbreeding Friesans, Lustiano’s, and PSH. If they end up as their main breed being a Lustiano or PSH, I’m going to put them under a new affix I have called •Warlander•. To visit all of my affix’s, go to the open space at the end of the presentation! Check out my EC forum for plenty of Games, Contests, Giveaways, and more!
If you would like to become part of my team •Wish Upon A Virgo•, send me a PM and I can send over a trial horse! All my horses are for sale at the right price, which is my price! Most of my team horses aren’t cleared for coverings so please do not PM me about covers above the GP releases. I have launched an A.P. Horse business where you get a certain amount of horses sold to you weekly! Check out my EC forum for that and much more very cool stuff! Thank you to adrikat14 for providing wonderful layouts for everyone to use!

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Divine Links

- Topaz - Congratulate up to 5 Topaz per day and win either 50 equus or 10 passes.

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- Archimedes -Once per day, you can answer a player-generated, horse-related question for a chance to win an aging point. Answer incorrectly and the horse loses an intelligence point.


- Frost – Once per day, you can defrost Frost for a chance to win a Hypnos’ Blanket. On the first of every month, a Frost is awarded to one player that defrosted her the previous month.


- Xanthos – Stroke up to 5 Xanthos per day for a chance to win 1000 equus and a Horn of Plenty. If you do not win, your most recently born horse will receive an extra 10% energy.

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