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Wow has it been awhile I got super busy with college being online and it kicked my butt! Hopefully I'll be back for awhile so reach out if I can help anyone and enter my giveaways!!!

I'm a college student, I use to play this game a long time ago and got bored and started again. My Pos. Blup tab is all the horses with a positive Blup that I use for breeding, and the10k and up is horses with 10k GP or higher, and finally my others tab is horses that are available for sale at any time so please make an offer.

If you see a horse of mine with the of light and dark affix that is not currently for sale please feel free to make an offer. Additionally if a horse has the ~Darkness~ affix I am more reluctant to sell but will negotiate.

Message me if you are interested in any of my horses


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