hi, my name is horsegirl116. I have been playing this game for about three years (this is my second account my old account was shut down) I ride horses in real life. I am such a movie/book nerd i love hunger games, starwars, and left behind. some of my favorite characters in these books and movies are Primrose, Peeta, kylo ren, Rey, and Hattie.

I have a equestrian center called rosy cheeks farm it is located in the mountains. make sure to check it out! I do not use reserved sales (because I don't have them)  and I am not part of a team (yet)

I do not mind random friend requests. I don't care about random messages either. If you message me I will try my hardest to respond. please congratulate me and Make sure to congratulate my friends too! 

I mostly breed pure breed spanish horses it is in my top three for favorite horse breeds. I try to have a new horse for sale every day. if you are interested in any of my horses you can just massage me. many of my horses I am not interested in selling though. WARNING THIS GIRL IS ADDICTED TO BREEDING UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!

there are no announcements right now. 

P.S. if I made any typos or misspelled anything please tell me