My Game:

Currently attempting to breed/BLUP high GP Thoroughbreds;
Also casually breeding Gypsy Vanners.
Collecting special coats of various types.
Will sell select horses in Willow Hills and The Other Horses tab. PM me if you're interested in one!

Foal Ordering now available! 
Message me who you want as the sire/dam, and your time frame, and we will work out the rest!

I will buy any unwanted horse for 2000-5000e depending on GP *
PM me if you have one you would like to sell.

If you would like a covering from one of my stallions, pm me and we'll talk!


About me:

Hey, everyone!
I used to have an account on here (around 2011 or so...), but now 
I'm back and trying to re-figure everything out...haha.
Send me a friend request, I'll accept. 

I am an ADULT player, and currently study music education in the US. 
If anyone has any music recommendations, I'd love to listen! 
I love Jesus, plants, animals, and just spending time in nature hammocking, kayaking, fishing, etc. 
I'm always up for conversation!



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