I'm always looking to buy horses. I'll buy any age, any breed, pure or mixed. All one has to do is make a reserved sale. Looking to buy foals for 4000e.When I check my sales, I'll buy up any horses waiting for me.
Have a dehorned horse or two laying around? I'm looking to buy dehorned horses! Colts/young studs are ideal, but I'll buy any reserved for me

I will accept friend requests. I go through and congratulate everyone on my list. I'm always happy to try and help anyone out. Don't hesitate to ask!
If you would like a reserved covering from one of my studs, feel free to message me. Most are 500e per covering. An exception is for any draft/donkey studs. I'm not offering any coverings from those guys at the moment.

My Game
I've been on and off a lot lately, and it's mostly due to my work schedule. Slowly getting back into the grind of things, but it gets boring after you spend so much time just training horses. I have a lot of catching up to do right now. 

Goals (Hmmm what are some other good goals?)