Hello I'm Onix, I'm a young 19 year old female who is also a digital artist and a total nerd and a huge animal lover. You can find out more about me below! 

New to the game, just joining as of 3/7/2020. Any friend requests and tips would be welcomed and appreciated!! Thank you so much in advanced! I will try my best to congratulate anyone in return and respond to messages when I can! I do live in EST so please forgive me! 

I am a non pass buyer and beginning breeder! There's not much I'd like to collect other than a few breeds and two special/divine. You can also look at my sales via the links! see below. 

Link to my sales will be found here: Direct Sales and Auction Sales. I don't have a sales tab yet but most of my adult horses aren't for sale.

If you see a foal you like try to make an offer! Chances are I'm willing to sell it if I'm not going to use it for breeding!

I'm looking to get Donkeys, Drum Horses, Unicorns, Red Panda and Je t'aime if anyone would like to donate/help me! I would be more than happy to return the favor.

A place where you can see my art business and are more likely to contact me off of the website is here: Linktree (My most active is Facebook!)

I now have my own Equestrian Center and Affix which can be found here:

Equestrian Center and my Affix.

Personal info below. ^^

Birthday: April 17th 2001.
Relationship Status: Taken happily.
Likes: My loving boyfriend of 6 years whom I'm in a long distance relationship with. Games and lots of them! (See below if you play online games, maybe we have some in common?) Music of all genres but mostly metal/rock/classic rock, art, writing and reading novels and comics. Mythology of all types (Hence the EC, Affix and all of my horses names!) And so much more!~
Dislikes: Drama, rude people, hot weather, my tons of food allergies. x.x
Personality: Shy, quiet, easily embarrassed and I'm a very caring and affectionate person.
Other: I now have four pets in total, three dogs, one cat. All of them are spoiled to death, ages of them ranging from eight to ten!

Games that I play and my names on the platforms are: League of Legends: WoodElfsKitten/TheReddestPanda. (NA servers, I'm a support main.) Borderlands 2: using my Steam account. Guild Wars 2: Jessie Springs.8012. Ovipets: OnixVail. Elder Scrolls Online: WoodElfElite. (Other games I play are Warframe, Minecraft, OSU!, Factorio and Elsword.)

(If you also play these games feel free to message me and maybe we could play together! I also play tons of games on my consoles! I have lots of consoles as well but mostly play on my Xbox 360)