Happy Birthday to me, I'm 24 today!

I have finally finished university! I am still waiting for my exam results and final assignment grade but other than that I am finished with my first year.

About Me: I'm a 24 year old female from South East England who likes horses very much. I unfortunately don't have an equestrian background. I did go on a pony ride as a teenager though! :-) 
I like: anything medieval, stately homes, adventuring, daydreaming, romantic hallmark movies, charity shopping (or thrifting as you say in the states), music (classical and alt-rock), classical guitar playing, personality types (INFJ & Enneagram 9 here), psychology, ASMR, southern united states accents, paella (favourite food), photography, reading, blogging, minimalism, eating/snacking, dancing badly (hehe), supernatural things, true crime documentaries, photo-editing/manipulation, nature, hiking, cycling.  
I'm into TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Grimm, Good Witch, V Wars, Brooklyn 99, Supernatural, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Lucifer, Hannibal, Bitten, The Secret Circle, Desperate Housewives, True Blood, Riverdale, Hart of Dixie, OUAT, Santa Clarita Diet, iZombie, Teen Wolf, Psych, NCIS (all), Law & Order, Virgin River and Criminal Minds (my new favourite).  
Musicians I love: savages. the neighbourhood. muse. the bravery. anya marina. band of skulls. declan mckena. nothing but thieves. the amazons. pvris. foreign air. grandson. beach weather. creedence clearwater revival. depeche mode. heavy english. chase atlantic. holy ghost!. aquilo. rafferty. foals. interpol. yonaka. phantogram. the pale white. the man who. welshly arms. amber run. white lies. twin wild. black rebel motorcycle club. riothorse royale. iamx. 
If you fancy a chat over these shows or music and books then feel free to message me. No idle chit chat though, will only chat with people to get to know them (as Howrse friends).
I have accounts on three different servers which you can find me on. Feel free to say hello to me if you are on any of those servers.
UK: Elena
US: Vampire Diaries
Canada: Grimm
Howrse Related: I am not the best person to ask for advise on the game, so please check out the public forums instead. My main focus for the time being is training and BLUPing my horses that I currently own so I won't be purchasing other horses at this time. I am not new to this game. I first signed up in 2008. I took a long hiatus after 2016 before deciding to come back now. I am an occasional (not frequent) pass buyer and I'm not ashamed of it. I have used my hard earned money from my job to pay for passes. Therefore do not bash those of us who do pay towards the game. To quote another user that said "this isn't just a children's game and is driven by money paying adults" so do bear that in mind! :-) I normally won't be playing very actively due to my real life responsibilities but when I do it'll be to unwind and relax. If I do have extra time it'll be for a good reason (for example: as we're in lock-down I am off work so have the spare time).
Rules (please read these carefully!) - none of my horses are for sale UNLESS stated otherwise  
- Do NOT take/copy/paste/save any of my avatars, most of them are personalised to me even if they don't have usernames on. Thank you for understanding
- Messaging: if you're under 18 please get your parents permission :)

^This is so me haha
^I'm an OG 08' player a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png
^ 11th June Popularity. Made it to the top 100! Thanks guys! <3

I'm really hating this 30 day rule for messages and forum posts... valuable info just got deleted, as well as really good conversations. It's unfair to have this rule when some of us players may be really busy with irl stuff. I hope Howrse can do away with this because it's kind of unfair. *semi-rant over* 
^ ( a 2020 memoir) lol, message still stands