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welcome to my page, my name is Zelda. Don`t know what to write, but let me tell you quick about myself. (you can find info about friend requsets, breeding sales and etc down bellow as well.)

  1. I`m born in 2002 (18 y/o)
  2. I live in Norway, so yes I`m Norwegian.
  3. I love horses, and also have a job withing horse care/training, etc...
  4. I use howrse just as an escape from normal life and to relax.
  5. Here on howrse I`m focusing on breeding and selling, but also on competitions.
  6. I have ADHD, so then you have an idea of who I am.
  7. I do accept random friend requests!

Friend requests and more:
Here I will write short about friends and what I expect from you as a friend or when messageing me!
  1. Be polite!
  2. I accept friend request always, but if you are harrasing me, get angry because of my opinion on something and etc, then you're gone! I dont want friends like this! (a discussion or unagreement is something else, but if your are straight up rude to me because of we have different opinions then no)
  3. Want something special written after your name/about you on my friend list? then let me know! It can be almost anything!

Game info/Game talk:
Below I will talk a little about how I run "my" game. I will talk about what I can offer people, and how I run things related to the different topics. If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop by my dm :) Now, let us start. Shall we?

I have both mares and stallions for breeding. Send me a message and we can talk about breeding offers. Here is what I can offer:

  1. My stallion: you can breed your mare to one of my stallions for a suitable price. Price will be discussed.
  2. My mare: you can breed your stallion to one of my mares for a suitable price. You will be able to buy the foal when it`s born. The price will be discussed, but will cover atleast stallion and vet fee. The breeding fee is up for you to decide, but not vet fee. If you would like to use any bonus, you will have to cover that to. (Keep in mind that I will NOT age up my mare unless anything else is said.)
  3. Both mine: I can also offer to breed one of my stallions and mares of your choice. Here goes the same "rule" as with the breeding offer above. Here the price will be vet fee and a small fee for breeding. The breeding fee will be discussed before breeding. (Keep in mind that I will NOT age up my mare unless anything else is said)

Horse sale:
I will also use horse sale as an way of income. I will put up horses for sale when I feel like it. If you see a horse you would like, but it is not for sale DM me. For the Right price I might sell you the horse. 

  1. If I tell you "no, I`m not selling him/her." then do NOT continue to ask for that horse. There is a reason I do not want to sell that horse.
  2. If I tell you that I might be willing to sell you the horse keep in mind that I will only do so for the right price.
  3. I will also have a "for sale" tab where I have horses that are for sale, but I`m open for discussing price. Or you could find them under Sales in progress
  4. Horses with the * are horses that might/are for sale, so give me a price and we can talk about it.