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my sissy :)
premade layout: lazarus
status: offline.
ISO: nothing right now! :)
about me
hi, purpleskies here! i live in the usa. my favorite color is purple, and as you can probably guess i love horses. feel free to message me, i'd love to chat!

due to school, my activity on this account has been on and off. i will log in at least once a day to check in!
my game
i created this account in february of 2020 but didn't really start playing until june. i don't buy passes. currently playing casually as i've been super busy.

if you are interested in any of my horses let me know! but please be kind if i say no.
most of the horses i put in sales are negotiable, even if i forget to mark it.

i will return all congratulations that i see, and i accept random friend requests
hey there! lately i have been extremely inactive due to my personal life being crazy. i'm finally finding time to log on, so hopefully i will be more active!

as of now most of my focus is on sorting my horses xD due to inactivity i stopped purchasing a Pegasus Account, so i have to resort them all one by one. it's taking some time haha so that's where most of my time on here is going!