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Who I am
Hi, I'm Martina, you can also call me Marti for short! I'm older than you'd probably think, but I'm still under 20 years old. I love horses and horse riding. I love writing, both poetry and prose. I love walking and exploring new places, I love being surrounded by nature and feeling free. I'm shy and an introvert, so it's unlikely that I'll message you first, but feel free to PM me about anything, I'm always happy when I get a new message
How I play
I breed Lusitano horses, but I don't have a specific goal. I only play for fun, but I would really like to join a Lusitano team (maybe even a Lusitano unicorn team?). Feel free to send me a friend request and/or PM me.
I'd be very happy if you could board your horse in my equestrian center, thank you!
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