My goodness this is strange. 
Hello whomever is reading this! I used to play Howrse all the time for about four years straight but then a lot of stuff started changing so I left. My old account got deleted and I just felt like casually playing again.

If anyone wants to message me then go right ahead. I almost always feel like talking to someone so whether we have the same interests or you're just bored feel free to come have a chat with me.

( I hope I don't come off as aggressively friendly )

~Some of the things I enjoy~

Team Red
The Batfamily
Reading fanfiction
Pride and Prejudice
The album Fine Line
Percy Jackson
The Dragon Prince
Star vs The Forces of Evil
Phineas and Ferb
Doctor Who
The X files
And a LOT more stuff

If you've read all of this because I messaged you and you wanted to see what kind of person I am then hi. I probably thought you were really cool and I wanted to see if you wanted to chat.

Have a lovely day and treat people with kindness~ <3