Hello! Welcome to my page, my name is Caitlyn and I have been playing off and on for about 13 years, and I've obviously lost my former account, which was under the same username. I am an adult player, I recently graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Animal Science and I am starting veterinary school this August! I am super excited to begin my journey as a veterinarian. I like to think I'm a really friendly person, and I'm always down for a conversation (especially if you are a vet student or current pre-vet!). Feel free to PM me just to chat! If you are a minor please have parents' permission :) 
Since I've recently restarted my game again, I've started breeding skiller/high GP Selle Francias horses. I do not buy passes, I just earn them from the daily objectives mostly, and that is how I fund my BLUPing. All of my horses can have a price tag on them, so if there are any that you are interested in, just PM me! 
Outside of this game, I used to show cutting horses (that's me and my cutter, Rios Grande, in my profile picture). I recently retired myself and my horse from cutting showing because I am moving to vet school, but I still love to watch cuttings and talk about showing. I also have 2 other horses, another Quarter Horse and an Appaloosa, a donkey, a couple of goats and dogs, a kitty, and trio of mice. I love all types of animals and hopefully once I graduate vet school, I'll be able to expand my "zoo!" 
I'm still working on getting my equestrian center up and running, it's a little slow going at the moment since it's not really my main focus. On my previous account, I was very active in role playing and had several RPGs in my forum. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I did back then, so I am planning on keeping my EC's forum closed. My EC does offer 3*** saddles and bridles, 1* polos and bonnets, fodder, grain, mash, carrots, and 100% fertile meadows. I am still working on fully equipping every stall with showers and water troughs. Currently, only one stall is missing a shower and a shower is currently in progress in my workshop! All other stalls are fully equipped.