Status: Online/Offline (As of 11/ 08 / 2020) MY GIVEAWAYS: My new Arab team is recruiting! Please fill out my form to join! Hosting a graphics contest in my forum! Grand prize is a UNICORN! Everyone will win something! BIG HORSE SALE IN EC FORUM!!!!!!!! Go check it out! My EC forum is holding a giveaway! Foal ordering is now open!! URGENTLY looking to join rosette comps!! Classical or western are both fine! PM me the name and I'll join!
About Me 
Hi, I'm a secondary school student who enjoys sports, science and art. I am absolutely addicted to animals of all kinds, especially puppies, horses, dolphins and belugas. I also love SeaWorld. at school, might not always be online. My time is GMT+8, so please be mindful of that when you PM me. I play Star Stable Online from time to time (I've taken a hiatus there, so I might not always be there), if you want to play with me there, please shoot me a PM and I'll tell you my username and server.
My Game 
Hi! you may call me Lexie. I am a competitive and semi experienced breeder. I accept all friend requests. Every week, 2 players from my friend list are given an item! Also, please, please, please, congratulate me. I wish to become top 3 in popularity one day! I'll congratulate you back. I'm giving people who have less than 70 days of seniority items including aging point, tack, food or bonuses. PM me if you want something! I will help everyone at events if they are my friend! Thank you so much to ʀáɴ for teaching me how to use and creating this layout. Thank you heroine for making my avatar! Thanks for getting me to 53 in popularity on Sept 3, 2020!

My Breeding Plans & Goals
< I currently have at least one of each horse breeds. The only breeds that are purebred are my Arabians, TB and welsh. I'm hoping to collect a breeding pair of each breed and use them to breed more of each breed. If you have any of the breeds which aren't the 3 listed above as PB, please check my sales category from the page for pricing. I am offering coverings to the public, if you would like to breed against my horse, feel free to message me! All my stallions can be bred with. /font>
My Sales 
All horses in the "others" tab are for sale. Please head to my forum and fill out a form first. Thanks! If you would like to purchase one of my horses which aren't there, please send me a message via Howrse mail. I will then tell you the price I am willing to sell the horse for, and if I would sell that particular horse. If you have any Purebred horses of any breed (preferably not Arabians, TB or Welsh), please reserve them for 500-1500e. If you have drafts or drums or any rare coats, I'll buy them for 10p each. If you have a BMI your looking for that you can't find? PM me and I'll seee if I'll sell it for you. Please only negotiant with BMI's with a similar price, or eqqus.
Other Players & Giveaways
Do realize that some of these are outdated. Thanks! 19s.rbang Fjord naming contest bryndis July giveaway auty101 giveaway qwertyqwertyqwerty giveaway paigej giveaway happy days 1000th day giveaway Paigej and 19s.abang dual giveaway Emma! foal and BMI Giveaway lalaweki1 bewitched pumpkin giveaway Raven Lover 400 day giveaway El Emino 100 day giveaway krm607 July giveaway Stanleycarol final giveaway 6700 100 day giveaway Hali04 100 day giveaway lavakirl12 giveaway Thoroughbred4Ever Giveaway Dragon_girl giveaway Ababa giveaway Horse-Breeder Giveaway Silver Seal Giveaway BriiNickole Uni giveaway Snow of November's giveaway L U N E's quitting giveaway HHERfun dual giveaway with Athena1