Hello! I am Dr howrse phd, a real doctor (This is a joke, just to be clear. I am not a licensed doctor.) . I am here to have fun, breed, and collect horses. 
So far I've gotten all coats for the Friesian, Marwari, Lusitano, Argentinean Criollo, and KWPN breeds. Working on Arabians, Selle Français unicorns, Purebred Spanish unicorns, and maybe Mustangs. 

Generally, if a horse is not for sale, I will not be selling it, however you are welcome to pm me to ask about one. 

If you want a cover from one of my stallions, go ahead and ask, I'll be glad to work that out with you! 

Send me a message if you want to chat, I'd love to talk. Always open to a new friend.

Special thank you to chrissyh, who was my 1,000 congratulations! Also a big thank you to everyone else that's stopped by and given me a congratulations. Hope y'all have a good day!

I have decided to use my EC for my own personal use, but I may reserve boxes for friends. Thanks for understanding!

Bloop, bloop.