My name is NordicMother12816. You can call me Nordic. I'm not a new player by far, but I took a long hiatus from Howrse and now I'm back. I breed for trophies, but I like quality as well, so I try to make sure they are worth breeding and worth buying. All of my horses in any tab except for the "The other horses" tab are not for sale, so please don't ask. I love them all very much. 

I am an adult player. I'm married and I have a son. I don't own a horse in real life, but it's on my bucket-list. I am currently majoring in biology, I work with lots of exotic animals, and I have three spoiled leopard geckos- so animal lover. That's a little about me. 

Happy Howrsing!

horsejaid is having a giveaway in her forum until Oct. 31