About Me

Hey everyone! I'm SnapShot, but you can call me Snap. I'm more or less a newbie here. I had an account ages ago under a different name. Remember when you could buy BM items for like 5 passes? That's how long it has been since I was here, haha. That account sadly got deactivated after I was gone for a couple of years. Too bad, I had a lovely herd and I will miss them dearly, especially my first horse Celena, a thoroughbred, and her twin palomino sons Zeus and Apollo. Anyway, I'm back, and I'm trying to learn the new ropes. A lot has changed, so if anyone has any tips and tricks (especially for obtaining passes, since everything is waaaaay more expensive now) I'd love to hear them!

Game Goals

1. To breed exceptional Marwaris (they're my favorite c: )

2. To breed donkeys. My goal is to be able to gift donkeys to new players so they can breed them too!

3. To breed unicorns

4. To have fun and make some friends along the way