Add me I swear I don’t bite.
Also I don’t know how to make this look good so this is what I’m doing. 
I am a returning player as well! I have gone by several names. Almost every account I’ve started with has had my dear Star as a starter horse.
Please don’t judge their names

It’s tornado season around here and I can’t go chasing. ‘‘Tis time to cure this bull shnookies. 

I’m currently trying to breed some high skill horses. Another goal of mine is to have every coat of Marwari, Mustang, and Argentinian Criollo, maybe Curly and a pony breed. If you have any horses that fit these breeds and you don’t want them, pm me and let’s work out a deal 
Raising up some skillers to 100 BLUP. I don’t use many aging points so it is taking a while. Getting there, though. 

Now have a lovely day, darn it.

Breeding Offers
Send me a message of which of my stallions you’d like to breed with one of your mares. Each stallion with over 10,000 GP will be 1,000 equus, all others are 500.