I generally go by Sprocket online. 
29 years old
4 year old Heeler Mix and a 6 year old Dutch Warmblood

I ride dressage and jumping, and would like to get back into western speed games, I just don't have the right horse
Software Engineer
Have played howrse for years off and on, but can't remember any old accounts and or they have been deletedc02c9876e2b59391866c49a21f0e04e0.png

I'll friend anyone and I do my best to return congrats. 

Salem Jail is filled with Argentinian Criollos, as is affix of Salem Woods
Band Camp and of Bugling Brumbys  is filled with Brumbys
Also Breeding Percherons, Donkey's, Aussie Pony Unis, Marwari, and Selle Francais.

Also working on creating "Sport Horse" mixed breeds for competition

See something you like? Send me a pm!