Heya! I'm Firinne, formerly known as haras101! I began playing Howrse on October 31st of 2012, but sadly my old account was deleted because of 180 days of inactivity. It's quite jarring to see my breeding farm so empty, but I'll be sure to grow it again. RIP Scarlet and Twilight, my first two 350GP foundie horses. I reincarnated them with this account, however! Outside of Howrse, I'm an artist who mainly does traditional art, but I'm slowly learning digital as well through an unhealthy amount of fanart - I'm hoping one day I'll be satisfied enough with my skill level to create some GA illustrations.

All friend requests are welcome, and I also have an account with the same name on the UK server where I spend most of my time if you want to add me as a friend over there as well! 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png


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