Status: Inactive, Presentation needs updating
Summer is here! Finally some time to spree. Someone remind me to give my canadian horses some love, I've been a neglectful parent.
I do accept all friend requests so feel free to send them.

Mainly focused on  ѕσυи∂ σf ѕιℓєи¢є lusis and ʋɨɢօʊʀɛʊх canadians.
Contact PinkyBrain for  ѕσυи∂ σf ѕιℓєи¢є if you're interested in joining or for skillers/preps. 
Contact me if you have questions about ʋɨɢօʊʀɛʊх, recruitment is currently invite only.

Everything that's already up for sale is negotiable even if it isn't marked because I do tend to forget. 
I don't sell above my teams' sales release, please don't ask.
If a horse is not in sales then it isn't for sale.

"A Thought to Miss You, Another to Hate" - Kagura
I really like playing mobile legends so that's where inspiration for my username came from! My layout and avi are pictures of one of Kagura's skins.