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I accept all friend requests and gift items to people in my friends list whenever I can :) Sometimes BMI's ;)

About Me and My Game!

Hello everyone, this game is addicting and it's amazing so far :) I'm always excited to talk to people and make tons of friends and have an amazing breeding farm and equestrian center! I love to chat and my profile picture is my wonderful Australian Shepherd, Oshie. He is a sweet little goofball :) I have two horses in real life, a quarter horse and a paint. I do mountain riding and it's beautiful!! I am in my early 20's, and I previously did rodeo with my paint PD, but we are now retired. I'm also in college studying veterinary medicine, I can't wait to finish!

For my game, I am focusing on increasing the lower skills and genetic potential of the Friesian breed :) I have a small AP farm and am looking to start a breeding line with Gypsy Vanners, akhal-tekes and Shetlands in the near future :) I'm always here to help :)

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