thank you for all checking out my page, please also check out my center and come back for more updates soon, for now please have an incite into my centers aims.

Ive just started up my Center and would appreciate some love! 
With a wide variety of competitions and benefits (more to come) we welcome all horses and owners to join our Kiss of Falling Leaves community and ensure a safe place for both horse and owner. 
Due to weather conditions, I have decided that between December 1st - January 31st costs will be £50 PN and between February 1st - November 30th costs will be £100 
Keep eyes peeled though for surprise price drops throughout the year and special bonuses!!  
I've set myself some exciting goals to achieve by 01/03/20!! 
triple all boxes to offer more availability 
add showers to each stable 
ensure all bonuses are available 
add water feeders to each stable 
Once I have completed each of there I will cross off and date so we can see our progress as a family! 
There are multiple ways you can help the center reach our goals: 
complete all missions 
participate in lessons 
extend horses stays with us 
Any suggestions on how to grow and expand interest would be widely appriciated... 
Lots of love, Em