Hello, I'm PaganQueen! I'm a returning player from a few years ago, and it's good to be back. I raise showjumpers: purebred Fjord ponies and Selle Françias, Finnish & Shagya Arabians.

I dabble in some unicorns: Holsteiner, Percheron, Carmague & Shire

I have a Xanthos for petting now!

I have a chill  Hanoverian team called the Lost Empire and we're recruiting VIP fillers to expand membership, feel free to message me or Xxotic Beauty (my second in command). Recruitment for non-VIPs is now open!

I will take reservations on my Lost Empire colts to be gelded and sold to you as a skiller for 150 passes (unless I'm keeping the colt for breeding purposes).
Broodmares are 250 passes.

Happy gaming!