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Hello, It's Seisseane. I am a male age 12-15 and my hobbies include gardening, creating maps, watching movies, baking and cooking. I enjoy studying religions, specifically Asian ones. I watch anime (I don't have a very large variety so pm me if you have any ideas) and I love k-pop. BTS, GOT7, SEVENTEEN etc. I accept random friends requests and am happy to help with event/objectives. My zodiac sign is a Taurus so be prepared. See ya around!;)
I have so many people to thank yikes. Thank you to Baepsae for making my first avatar, thekingsguitarist for making my second avatar, Le Onde who made my 3rd and 4th avatars. Thanks to --Starlight-- for making my first layout. Lots of other people who made layouts, ran for my second most recent layout and Hanae for me current layout. Thanks to all my friends, specifically Ponys Tail, pelli82, LadePenny and so many other ppl. Thanks for reading.
I am not much of a sales person, please no offering on horse in the Gifts and Importants or The Seisseane Farm Farms. I am looking for the Pestilentia coat for my SoA collection. Thanks yall.
Lastly, I do play on the Unnoficial Howrse Discord by the username of <3まだ構いません<3. I play on SSO by the username of Klara Emberhill, not sure which server honestly lol. I play on the French server by the name of dragonfly project (Ouranos). And I play on Angry Birds 2 by the username of Arrowhead.