I'm looking for some one-on-one roleplay partners! I am an adult player in her twenties and have been roleplaying (not the DnD sort of rp) for over ten years now.  I love writing adventures with a partner~!


Please feel free to check out my character website! All the information about my Original Characters, as well as the genres, fandoms and pairings I'm most interested in playing can all be found there! https://shadowsofreverie.wixsite.com/writingreveries

{Favorite Genres}

My favorite genres usually include some sort of fantasy element, whether in the setting itself or just the species of characters. 

- Witch x Apprentice/Customer
- Demon x Fallen Angel
- Royal x Knight/Rogue
- Pirates
- Teacher x Student
- Arranged Marriage
- Assassin/Bodyguard

{Fandom Genres}

Anime is my guilty pleasure (>w<) Here's a few of the ones I enjoy roleplaying.

- Inuyasha
- Naruto
- Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
- Vampire Knight
- Sword Art Online
- Akatsuki no Yona