I’ve played Howrse in the late 2000’s and lately I wanted to see if it still existed, now I’m mostly playing it to relive the nostalgia (now I sound pretty old even though I’m barely an adult) and have some fun!
There are a couple of horses in the game which can give you great prizes if you’re lucky, I’ve gathered some of them on this page for you!

There is Frost and when you defrost them there is a chance you get a hypnos’ blanket.

• Another special horse is Archimedes he gives you an ageing point if you answer his question correctly.

There are also the Topaz horses you can pet five of them and each time they will give you 50 eq and is you’re really lucky you can win 10 passes. 

One  Two  Three  Four  Five

• Xanthos is another special horse that can give you bonuses, the first one you pet will give your youngest horse 10 energy and if you pet five of them you have a chance to win a horn of Plenty!


I am focusing on breeding Marwari unicorns and collecting rare/divine/etc horses