Looking for a new layout...If anybody makes them please let me know!

Hi everyone!

Im LittleMissEquine but you can call me LME. I breed Standardbred, and love collecting all different types of horses. I love making new friends, feel free to send me a PM and a friend request. Make sure that you go and check out my forum, sign my guestbook and play some games!   
I am focusing more on my graphics than my horses at the moment, all my Standabred horses are for sale (except for Mister and Star) All horses in others,breeding tab are for sale, PM for prices. Will buy horses for $5,000 equss or less. 
If you are having a giveaway then PM me and i will add you here. Also, if you had a Giveaway and it is on here, but it ended, please also PM me to let me know.
Brinley990 has a Christmas make a wish topic in their forum, go and check it out!
Saint is having a giveaway in their forum
insatiable. is having a giveaway in their forum
Life is never complete without horses. Horses are not just animals. They are companions, Family, and friends. They help calm you when your upset, and teach you when you cant think. they may test our patients and boundaries, but without horses, lets get real now, what would we do?

You ask me what sport I do. I'll say Equestrian. You ask me: What's that? I'll say: I ride horses. You tell me: It's easy. You tell me: All you have to do is just sit there. You tell me: It takes zero skill. You tell me: It's only something to keep you busy. Then I look you in the eye and say: Have you ever trusted an unpredictable animal that could kill you just like that? Have you ever fallen from 6 feet up, going over 20 mph and just laughed it off? Have you ever charged at top speed to an obstacle bigger than you? Have you ever jumped an object 5 feet tall? So maybe next time you feel like underestimating me, you should think to yourself; Do you understand the true bond between to completely opposite creatures? Have you ever had a team mate 5 times your size? Ask yourself that, and never judge Equestrians.. Please, re-post this if your a proud equestrian rider!!!

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