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Week 5- 1/11: Chapter 1.4
“Where are we going? We’ve been walking FOREVER,” Tambai complained. His mother, Mjahn, sighed noisily.
“I told you,” she snorted, “we will get there when we get there.”
This quieted Tambai only for a moment. “Why did we cross the Southern Marches? Isn’t that not allowed? Aren’t there dire wolves and lions and ghosts and DEMONS and–”
No. We are in neutral territory. That does not mean we are in any more danger, although if you keep whinneying like that you will attract predators.”
Tambai ducked his head sulkily and wandered over to where M’rimdi and Ashek stood listening close by. “The quest of Finding Out What’s Going On has failed,” he muttered in a low voice.
“So much for my brilliant plan,” Ashek grumbled. “Now what?”
“We ask the Qor, obviously.” M’rimdi tossed his head self-righteously. “I did say the plan wouldn’t work. Tambai always bothers his mother; bothering her now was never going to give us answers.”
M’rimdi took the lead, Ashek and Tambai instinctively falling beyond him. They had learned a long time ago that M’rimdi’s nose could find an individual in a sea of brown and dun and yellow bodies much better than their own eyes. Neither Ashek nor M’rimdi were very conspicuous, being uniquely colored compared to the rest of the Kaska herd, so they gathered many stares as they meandered almost aimlessly through the horses. Needless to say they expected to be noticed by Qor’Hahzef long before they found him; however, their presence seemed to catch him off guard. 
The chestnut stallion was gazing– almost nervously– into the distance when they approached. When M’rimdi gave a short whicker to respectfully signal their arrival, the Qor’s head snapped up and he looked about to attack before he finally realized who they were. His expression now wavered between annoyance and tension, constantly glancing at M’rimdi’s blind blue eyes. Not even the Qor had ever gotten used to them. 
M’rimdi bowed his head courteously. “My Father and Lord. We were wondering why we left our territory and are roaming farther South. Where are we headed?”
Qor’Hahzef glanced at Tambai and Ashek. He blinked uncertainly with foggy eyes and replied hesitantly, “South… better– better grazing in the South. The herds are gathering. We must continue south.” Ashek was shocked. Her father was never this open or tentative. Then Hahzef’s gaze unfogged and a bit of his usual bravado came back to him. “Why am I telling you this? You are too young. Trust your Lord. I know what I am doing.” <(^w^)>
The foals did not move a few moments before finally trotting hastily away. Once they had gone sufficient distance away, Tambai whickered, “what was THAT about?”
“Keep your voice down!” Ashek hissed. “M’rimdi, did you get any sense of that?”
The white colt was humming thoughtfully to himself. “I have noticed that Father has been unusually distracted as of late. And his ahsh’lana just now was giving off vibrations as if he were scared of something. There must be something deeply troubling him to give away all of that information so easily.”
“I agree,” Ashek replied, “did you see anything else in his ahsh’lana?”
“Just the usual anxiety, and… and a darkness, too.”
Tambai tipped his head curiously. “In the Qor?” Even the youngest foal knew that darkness was never supposed to be allowed to fester in one’s spirit, lest it spread to the collective ahsh’lana of the herd.
M’rimdi shifted uneasily on his hooves. “Yes. Like some terrible memory; so terrible he has hidden it deep within himself. Deep enough where even I could not get even a glimpse of it.”
Ghosts,” Tambai declared importantly. “He saw a ghost in the North and he’s trying to escape it. Maybe the ghost of the former Qor of the Kaska herd. Or his father’s. We are going to DIE.” He spoke the last part with such enthusiasm that Ashek briefly wondered if he hadn't hit his head on one of the Stones of the Circle. 
“Ghosts don’t exist.” M’rimdi snorted. “And anyway, the legends say ghosts dwell in the South, not the North.”
Tambai paused. “Do either of you think it’s a bit much of a coincidence, with what happend at the Stone Circle, and now the Qor is leading us to the Ghostlands?”
The other two did not respond. M’rimdi, because he still firmly believed that ghosts were just stories; and Ashek, because she wondered whether the presence she had felt at the Stones could have actually been a ghost– or something much worse…

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Some author recommendations: 
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J.K. Rowling, Erin Hunter, 
David Clement-Davies, Eoin Colfer,
C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien,
Christopher Paolini, Suzanne Collins