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on break. still responding to pms. logging in occasionally. pm me for discord contact if needed :)

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Graphics Status: Unavailable

As of July, 2020 I've started creating graphics. I mainly do avatars, banners and the like and am currently trying to teach myself how to code. I have multiple free-use topics in my forum. You may view some of my work in the designated topic (under construction at the moment)If you have a graphics contest going on, feel free to PM me and I may enter. While I do not have a specific topic for ordering, you may pm me to inquire. If I have time, I can make you an avatar or banner. Keep in mind I have the right to refuse any order I do not feel comfortable doing. Remember to follow the rules below if you ever order something from me. 

x All graphics I may make as orders are free, so I expect you follow these rules in return. 
x Modifying my work in any way is not okay. If you'd like me to change anything please let me know. I'd rather help than you do it yourself. My watermark cannot be removed for any reason.
x Ordered avatars must be used for at least 5 days. I've spent real time to create each piece. 
x If I've accepted your order, I will send you a form. Please complete that.(scroll)

I am apart of two amazing graphics groups...

Estetico's members are all amazing inside and out, so helpful and talented. Special thanks to Vampire for the opportunity! We are working on monthly free-use graphics at the moment, two batches a month. Ordering is not open for Estetico yet, but we hope to open it soon. Enjoy our free-use graphics for now which will be out 8/6. More info can be found on Estetico's team page.

Starlit Phenomenon is an independent graphics group created by two friends. We hope to express things that are special to us through avatars and aim to just have fun. Free-use graphics for Starlit Phenomenon can be found in both my and Felix's forum. @ᴍɪᴋʀoᴋosᴍos

Huge thanks to Ally for all the help she has given me with graphics. She really helped me get started with avatars and I can't express how much gratitude I hold for her. @ғoʀᴇᴠᴇʀ ʟosᴛ

About Me
khi┆she/her┆pisces┆hs student┆infj-t

Hello! Welcome to my page. I go by Khi or Khione (key-oh-knee) on here. I'm a tad awkward at first but I love receiving messages if we have something in common. I'm willing to chat about just anything, and I love giving recs for shows, movies, artists and songs. Just your local mess who enjoys corny jokes more than she should. I do tend to ramble, but don't be afraid to send a PM, I like making friends :)

I'm an Asian American living in the west coast. I am almost fluent in Cantonese and know a good chunk of Mandarin. I dance, play tennis and play the piano. Avid fan of k-pop apparently. You can find some of my favorite artists, movies and shows down below. 

Not really too active on this game anymore. I login most days and respond to messages fairly quickly. I make graphics, participate in the occasional rp or prp and like making friends.

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Ariana Grande x Melanie Martinez x Clara Mae x Ruel x Audrey Mika x Tate McRae x BTS x Ava Max x Blackpink x Why Don't We x Blackbear x Shawn Mendes x Sofia Carson x Sasha Sloan x Alan Walker x Tiffany Day x Ateez x IU x Keshi x ITZY x Eric Nam

The 100 x The Good Place x The Society x Ocean's 8 x The Hunger Games x Crazy Rich Asians x Charlie's Angels 2019 x The Greatest Showman x Wonder Woman x Castle In The Sky x The Secret World Of Arietty x Spirited Away x Big Hero 6 x Star Wars x Hamilton  x Anastasia x Soul x Parasite x Flower of Evil x It's Okay to Not be Okay

             looking for possible prp partners...

The whole reason why I created this account was to roleplay. I've been roleplaying actively since June of 2019 until about now. I will be taking a break from public roleplays for the time being as I've got school and have realized I have more things to care about. I still love roleplaying very much and may return once I've got life settled and/or can manage my time better. The last thing I want is to disappoint others by my lack of activity in a roleplay.

That being said, I am still interested in one or two private roleplays. I am willing to roleplay with between 1 and 3 people max. As long as you do not require several posts a day, I think I can manage. I'd love to keep improving my writing, and immerse myself into a different world. PM me if you have a plot you think I might enjoy. Please do not be offended if I choose not to roleplay! This is one of the last things I want to stress about in the moment. How I react really depends on how interesting the plot is and how we write. 

Roleplay interests/boundaries coming soon...




wow you really scrolled to look at this precious goose.

his name is gerald

thank you. *sniff* PM me for an aging point if you'd like.

and here's his gf, geraldine