Hi Guys!

Forgive me, Exams have started at my university and I don't have a lot of free time at the moment; I'm only really looking after my horses and EC. I don't have time to do lots of congratulations, but I will try. 

Much love, Butterbeeball 

*First off, I'm not a competitive player, I only play for my own enjoyment. I do not make any real-money purchases in this game, and rely on promotions and gifts for black market items/passes*

Anyways, I work exclusively with Thoroughbreds on Howrse because that's what I do in real life; I'm an exercise rider at a multinational racehorse breeding and training facility. I've grown up with horses and began to ride at the age of four, competing in dressage, jumping, and started training horses at fifteen. None of that compares to the thrill of galloping full-pelt down a racetrack. With that in mind, my account is reflective of both my work-life, and what my dream breeding/training facility look like.

I had a Howrse account a long time ago, (around 2011-2013), so I'm not entirely new to this game. My focuses are breeding high GP Thoroughbreds, maxing out needed skills, and competing in "gallop races". All my stallions are available to cover upon request, just shoot me a message with the desired stud and the name of your mare/username, and I'll get back to you ASAP. I generally only sell horses with less than 12500 GP, but depending on the horse, negotiations can be made; just shoot me a message.

*Most of my sales are Auctions, unless reserved for a player

*Male auction starting price is 1200 Equus

*Female auction starting price is 2000 Equus or higher, depending on skill/GP

I try my best to return congratulations, and friend requests are always accepted. If I can, I help my friends out during promotions. It is important to note that I do not invest in passes, the black market, etc..., so I may not be of use in those aspects, but I will always try my best!

A lot (most) of my horses are named after horses I have ridden at my facility, or winners I have bet on. Others are simply puns, song-titles, and other racehorses whose names I like.