Hello, my name is Grace. I'm a college student from the US. I'm learning Spanish right now and loving it. If anyone wants to practice with me, I'd more than love to!  My hobbies are playing with my dog and Howrse. After school, I plan to become a funeral director. 

The dog in my profile picture is, Emmy. She's a five year old border collie and I've had her since she was three months old. I also own a Quarter Horse gelding named Milo, who was bought off the feedlot. 

I've been on Howrse since 2013, I took a break from the game in early 2018, due to not having a computer, and I started this account in the last few days of May, 2019. My hope is to start over with a clean slate and see where I can go with this new account. I have experience breeding skiller KWPNs, Gypsy Vanners and Thoroughbreds as well as rare coat Fjords. My favorite breeds on the game are Kerry Bogs, Thoroughbreds and Fjords. 

I love having friends on here so feel free to shoot me a PM or friend request! 

I buy any horse for 3,500 (for mares I'll pay 4,000). Message me and then reserve the horse and I'll buy them right away. I'm always looking to grow my AP farm.