Sorry for all the missed PMs over the last couple months.... haven't been active on here as I was an essential worker, and now things are opening back up here in Aussie so I expect to continue being busy.  Coming on here to do a few things and then off again!

Kia ora!  I accept all friend requests & try to return congratulations.

I'm a returning player from 2010, having played under different accounts throughout the years.  I'm not the most chatty but I'm always available to help.

19 year old female student studying nursing.  I was raised between Australia and New Zealand.  I recently left university where I studied teaching and English, and I hope to return to those studies one day.

This game introduced me to roleplaying at age 10, which ended up being one of my main hobbies over the years.  Occasionally, I become obsessed with breeding my Thoroughbred unicorns and making them look.... fashionable.