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More facts about me:
I love the shows, Manifest, 24, Murder Mysterys and Heartland.
I like acting and singing. 

(Sister: Brinley990)
About me:
My name is Sadie, I am in middle school and love horses. The names of the horses I ride are, Domain, Houdini and Dallas. I have a dog named Stanley and three cats (Ice, Sparky, and Trixie) and many chickens and ducks.
My Game:
I like playing this game as a hoppy! It is a fun thing to play when I have the time. I really want to start focusing more on my Paints! If you have any that you wanna sell me (Equus or Passes) I will consider! My favorite thing is to make friends and try to get new and better horses. If you want a friend or someone to take your horses let me know! Have a great day!