ABOUT — I am a returning player from around 2010-2014 - when horses still looked like Vintage Apples. I am a non-pass buyer. I am a competitive fjord breeder but have also competitive bred Thoroughbreds and Tennessee Walkers in the past. Like everyone else, I breed Selles casually. I also dabble in some other breeds; mainly Pasos, Marwaris, KWPNs, and Camargues. Please do not ask me to VIP fill for teams; it is my personal preference to actually be an active member if I am on a team. Because real life is getting busier, I am also not looking to join any teams as an active member. I am happy to help players out with advice if need be, but I don’t do free handouts.
TEAMS — I am currently working with the fjord team Northern Lights and administrating the team along with Count Fleet, whom I have bred fjords with before.. I have met amazing friends on this team and feel very lucky to be working with them. We are recruiting!
MESSAGING ME — I do not mind messages, but be mature and respectful. No begging for stuff. No yelling at me for outbidding you. No asking me to buy your horses. Feel free to negotiate horse prices even if they're not marked negotiable, but no low-balling. I will not sell you a horse or offer a covering with a stallion above my teams' GP release, so please don't ask.