i have a lot of extra daruma companions for sale. Neko, Kojika, koi, kitsune, itachi, nekomata, ezoshiki, and kaeru. PM with offers. 

Hello, I am from the US version, same username.
I am NOT new to howrse, just new to Int.
Won't be playing seriously on this account, so don't expect much from me.855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png

{I'm primarily looking for luck items and equus in the exchanges.} 
My Black Market Items: (Last Updated  feb 13 2022)

5x Piece of Cloud

x9 Black Orchid

2x  Helios Ray

6x Vintage Apple

3x Pandora's Box

11x P. Parchment

5x Philotes Stroke

14x A. Heels

4x Croesus Fortune

x4 Apollos Lyre

x11 fertility wand

x9 A tears

x6 z bolt

x5 WoY

x1 Medusas Blood


x2 chronos timer

x4 m.arms


x2 a. arrow

x1 hera pack

x7 GA

x2 harmony pack

x5 h blanket

x2 bonus pack