Not actively playing at the moment. Please dont send BM items or expect answers to pm's unless you are a regular trader with me, you know if you are one, as i wont be checking in much until i can sort out my real life a bit more.
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I DO buy BM items, if you have a BM item and wish to sell it, please send it and reserve a horse. Prices are below;

Clouds (ALWAYS needed) -16,000e

lightning bolts, tears, WoY's - 15,000e

Nyx Packs - 110,000e

Tack packs & Hera's Pack's - 40,000e

Lunges - 15,000e

Any other BM item please pm me for a price, i will buy anything, including passes.

Please Note My Croesus, harley's, fabella's, or anything in my specials tab, are NOT for sale. Please stop asking to buy them. If they are ever for sale they will be listed in the private sales.

I have sent my Black Sleipinir out for sleip sitting until i decide what i want to do with him. Thank you for everyone's offers, but i have decided until real life calms down again, i will wait to sell him.


My EC is private, and only for my use, or for the use of my breeding partners and friends on the game.
Yes, it is (usually) at 24e, and in the top 40 overall ec's.

If you are looking for a place to skill a horse, and have skilled before, please drop me a line and i may be able to help.



I dont give out covers from any stallions unless they are below the current level allowed. If you would like a cover from one of my stallions, please PM and tell me which stallion you are interested and which mare the cover would be going too.


There is always something in sales for me, be it a skillor gelding i no longer need, or an appy or paint i dont want anymore. My prices are reasonable, and i will sometimes accept offers, but please bear in mind that for i usually spend 8 passes on a bluped horse, and 30 on a skillor, the prices i ask are fair. However i am not a orge, if you have a BM item you are looking to sell, then i may take it in exchange for passes or equus for a horse in sales.