I am a player with some other accounts, and I wanted to make an account in international version, so here I am! I mostly breed thoroughbred horses, only purebred. I will try to return any congratulations, but please don't count on my reliability if you're completing an objective or anything, as I may not return it that day.

All horses with the affix -=Polarized Dust=- are eventually going to be for sale, so if you're interested in any of those, please pm me and we'll work out the price. All foals are probably available as well, so pm me for that also. Any horses with the affix -=TunaTBs=- are NOT for sale, as they are my "Keeper" horses. Lastly, any full-grown horses that you might want to buy that don't have an affix are probably going to be not available, but make sure you pm me to make sure, especially if you're prepared to offer me a good price.

Happy Playing!