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16.10.19 // libra szn
formerly known as: the horror. My current goal is getting more horses and completing coat trophies. Buying all horses for 3k each! also, i want to thank mechanical animals for making my tate langdon theme layout, i am still in love with it and she did a marvelous job! 
about me.

21.09.19 // virgo szn
I am 18 years old. i was born during the aquarius season, duh and in the year of the horse. just like an aquarius i am creative, loyal, friendly, and inventive. i am an atheist as well, but i tolerate and respect all other views. i am a socialist, which i know will upset many passionate americans, oops. i am moving to new york state to attend college in the summer of 2020 as a biology major. my dream in life is to become a licensed veterinarian and to move to my home country, portugal, where i will set up a sanctuary for homeless, abandoned animals.
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