my game

i made my first howrse account back in 2008 or 2009. i still remember my first horse - a mouse gray hanoverian named thalia. 
i played on and off for about 5-6 years, then deleted my account. now i'm back for nostalgic reasons! we'll see how long i last this time... 
i enjoy collecting horses and trying to breed lineages with high skills & GP, but i don't play competitively. i'm just here to have fun.


breed my own high GP horses.
x marwaris
x akhal-tekes
x peruvian pasos
x paint horses
x quarter horses
x mustangs
collect all the coats for each of the above breeds.
don't spend any more money on this game than i already have ($2, so i could get the business key and get started right away). 
play an honest & fair game.

some facts about me

i'm 22 years old. 
i'm canadian.
i have a degree in biology.
i love animals of all kinds but in my heart i'm a dog person. (sorry, howrse.)
i'm terrible at responding to messages (please don't take it personally!).


xanthos / xanthos / xanthos / xanthos / xanthos
topaz / topaz / topaz / topaz / topaz
archimedes / frost