Doing a giveaway to my 1000 congratulate

Hello everyone, if you read my page could you do me a favor and send me one positive thing, or just something random that makes you happy? Just to spread happiness and joy around.

I do my best to return congratulations, and if i don't do it back please feel free to send me a message and ill get it returned as soon as possible. Also, please don't be afraid to ask for help or just strike up a conversation with me!

the next few lists will tell you what my breed cover charges will be, and what i typically sell my horses for. When I sell my horses i go based off of what their Genetic Potential is, what their Current Skill is, and what their age is. I will sell breed pairs and they will usually be less expensive, even with what i base my original pricing on. All of my animals are for sale at a price, and please respect me when i say no to a horse. If the horse, donkey, or draft is rare or very well gp'ed, then they will be more expensive. My donkeys and Drafts will more than likely be more expensive due to the fact they do have limited breedings and i will then sell after breedings for a price.

This is my coverings list__
Pandora's Heart tab and affix -500 equus
Dare to be Unique tab and affix-1500+ equus
Blue_Moon Treasures affix-500 equus
This is my selling list__
Pandora's Heart affix - between 500equus and 3500equus
Dare to be Unique affix- between 3600equus and 10000equus
Blue_Moon Treasures affix- between 500equus and 3500equus