Welcome to my page fellow Howrse enthusiasts!

About Me

Lets start out with a little info about me! I live on a small 5-acre "farmette" in the United States with my significant other of seven years. I have been involved in the equestrian lifestyle since the age of seven, when my parents purchased horseback riding lessons for me as a birthday gift. I have been an avid equestrian enthusiast since then! I currently have one horse, who has been part of my family since 2005. She is a, now 16-year-old, red dun quarter horse whom I used to actively compete with. Currently, she's enjoying a sort of "early retirement" as a trail horse and pasture puff. I hope to add another equine to our family in the near future! Our other pets include two lovely indoor felines with loads of personality.

My Breeding Farm

Howrse is a game I have enjoyed since my childhood however, I recently just got back into the swing of things! As a breeder on Howrse I am interested in Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Appaloosas, Paint horses, and Curly horses. My breeding farms will be as follows: Autumnal Equinox- quarter horses (all genders), thoroughbreds (all genders), and appaloosas (all genders). Winter Solstice- arabians (all genders), paint horses (all genders), and curly horses (all genders). These breeding farms will include horses produced by both myself and other players and can be distinguished based on their affix (or lack thereof). In the future, I may expand to include other breeds.Thank you to all who have sent congratulations my way, I will do my best to return the favor. Looking forward to potentially doing business with each and every one of you. Whether it be offering one of my stallions for stud or your choosing to board at my facility Autumnal Acres. Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions regarding any of the horses I currently own on this site.
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