Even tho my seniority is low, I have played Howrse for over 9 years now; so I'm no new to Howrse. I'm from Finland and my main account, Ragtag is in finnish server. I've had several accounts in this server before, but they always get deleted due to inactivity. This is my fourth try to succeed in international server. My goal is mainly to breed well-GP unicorns, and ofc, not get this account deleted right away. Congratulations would be nice and I try my best at congratulating back! Also feel free to ask me to be your in-game friend, I won't mind! 
About me
I'm currently 17 years old, and as I mentioned before, I'm from Finland. I like doing arts and playing games. Besides Howrse, I play Overwatch, Apex Legends, RDR2 and StarStable Online (I've also been thinking about starting to edit SSO-themed MV:s, but we'll see about that). We have horses irl and also some other animals (sheep, rabbits, hens, cats and dog)