In need of colored classical tack! Have extras? PM me to set up a trade! I am always looking!PLC4rj.jpg
 I am an ADULT player who refuses to partake in small talk unless you are a pre-established friend of mine. I am married without children but do have 4-legged babies! I grew up in a small town in WI and still reside in WI, just a few hours away from my home. My dad owned his own ranch and primarily bred Arabian and Arabian/Paint crosses. He passed in 2014 so we made the decision to sell off the 1000+ acre family farm. I did play this game in the past but now I use it to digress from daily life. I own my own business and also work 4 nightly 12 hour shifts so be patient if you PM me and I don't respond right away.
 Check out my current Horses for Sale tab to see what's on the market. Otherwise, here is a list of what I PAY for horses: Pluoto's Parchments: 6,000+ Immortal horses: 60,000/20p Nyxed horses: 130,000/30p Regular Pegasus: 40,000 Donkey WITH 2+ covers left: 40,000 Draft WITH 2+ covers left: 40,000 Unicorns- Male: 20,000 Female: 55,000 Winged: 95,000/30p GA Coats: 200,000+/50p+ (pm me, always negotiable) RC Coats: 350,000+/100p+ (pm me, always negotiable) Helio's Ray Backgrounds: 20,000 If you like my prices, just reserve! I check twice a day and if you want it purchased faster just send me a PM! If you want to negotiate price, just let me know!
 I am always in need of BMI's! I have 9 exchanges a week so message me on the weekends or Mondays to get a trade in right away with me! Also here are a few quick rules... Saying "What's the lowest you will go?" gets your PM deleted with no answer. RESERVED SALES WILL ONLY BE HELD FOR 24 HOURS unless previously discussed. IF there are NO bids on a horse (in auction) I will pull for MORE money only.