NEEDING 2* CLASSICAL COLORED TACK. PLEASE PM ME. (Any and all colors are needed!)

DO NOT...and I repeat DO NOT...tell me how to price my horses! Your messages will be deleted and you will be blocked! Period. I am not explaining myself to some other player and my pixels are MINE to do with as I please.

**I value 100 passes at 300,000 equus. Keep that in mind if you choose to negotiate on a horse of mine.**

I DO NOT PARTAKE IN FRIENDLY CHAT (unless we are already friends[you know who you are!]). PLEASE ONLY PM ME IF INTERESTED IN DOING BUSINESS WITH ME.

*ADULT PLAYER* I am a returning player that was here before all of the new changes (like 2008!). My old handle was Arab*96 if anyone remembers me! I am on here at the most random times to step away from my own company and to also  digress from my mathematical night job and hectic household! I live in WI (USA) with my Husband and step kids! I grew up on a fully functioning Arabian breeding/training ranch (plus certified organic Galloway beef cows) where my father raised, trained, and sold to the elites all by himself and us kids. Unfortunately he passed away Christmas of 2014 and the decision was made to sell off the 1000+ acre ranch with all the horses and cattle
*I will ALWAYS need Pieces of Cloud! I buy 1x in exchanges for 40,000 but prefer to buy in bulks of 3! Or I will trade 1x Fertility wand for 3x POC's. Please PM me!
*I collect horses with Pluoto's Parchments PM me if you are selling any! I start around 6k for basic Parchment horses and go up from there
*I also need a surplus of colored tack. Please PM me to discuss if you have any you would be willing to part with.
*Trophy Coats tab is never for sale! **Collectors tab is ONLY for sale if already in the sales.
Otherwise, PM me the link of the horse you're interested in and we'll see if we can work something out! Saying "What's the lowest you will go?" gets your PM deleted with no answer. RESERVED SALES WILL ONLY BE HELD FOR 24 HOURS unless previously discussed. IF there are NO bids on a horse (in auction) I WILL PULL FOR MORE MONEY ONLY
*I am decreasing my D&D tab (Donkeys and Drafts). If you need one for objectives, let me know and I will reserve one to you! 30-100 passes depending on gender needed and covering stats. 
*I always have skillers for sale, fully skilled and BLUPPed and very close to sales GP release. Check out my for sale tab below!
* I sell VIP perk pregnant unicorns. PM me if you are looking to purchase! I sell for 115,000e or 45p! 
Pluoto's Parchments: 6,000+
Immortal horses: 60,000/20p
Nyxed horses: 130,000/30p
Regular Pegasus: 40,000
Donkey WITH 2+ covers left: 40,000
Draft WITH 2+ covers left: 40,000 Unicorns- Male: 20,000 Female: 55,000 Winged: 95,000/30p
GA Coats: 200,000+/50p+ (pm me, always negotiable)
RC Coats: 350,000+/100p+ (pm me, always negotiable)
Helio's Ray Backgrounds: 20,000
If you like my prices, just reserve! I check twice a day and if you want it purchased faster just send me a PM! If you want to negotiate price, just let me know!
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