Back from short break! Fall semester started and life got busier, but I'm trying to at least check in every couple of days!
22 ~ Queer ~ She/Her
Pisces ~ INFJ ~ Ravenclaw
Witchy ~ Feminist
I just finished my BA in Forensic Psychology, minor in Sociology, and am now working on my Master of Social Work degree.
I love painting, space, tattoos, fancy coffee, libraries, plants, and spending time with my kitty.

Art Stuff:
I prefer graphite sketching or painting in acrylics or oils, but also occasionally find myself dabbling in digital art and photography. If you want to see/support some of my work, check out my Redbubble!
Favorite Authors:
Tamora Pierce, T.S. Eliot, J.R.R. Tolkien, Pierce Brown, Tess Sharpe, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams
Favorite Music:
Rise Against, Gojira, Eluveitie, Vildhjarta, Manchester Orchestra, TWIABP, Rezz, Walk the Moon, Troye Sivan, Wrabel, Hayley Kiyoko, Calle 13
Favorite Movies/Shows:
Rent, Brooklyn 99, Queer Eye, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Star Wars, LOTR, anything Marvel or Studio Ghibli
I first joined Howrse in 2008 as free_rein_forever and used to play regularly, but my account was deleted in 2013 and I just recently returned!
I accept most friend requests, and return all congratulations that I see. Feel free to ask me questions or just drop in and say hi! I also try to help friends out with any events!
I’m focusing on breeding Arabians because they will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm also expanding into Shagyas, and am planning on breeding purebred Irish Hunters soon. If you're interested in a covering from any of my stallions just drop me a pm! Also, if you're interested in buying any of my horses you're welcome to make me an offer, but please respect my right to potentially say no.
My current goals are mostly just to get each coat for the breeds I'm focusing on, while working towards higher GP lines. Breeding high GP horses is cool and I enjoy getting neat coats, winning competitions, and generally seeing how I can progress in the game, but I'm not really here to play competitively and I don't buy passes.
All my horses are named after characters in Tamora Pierce’s novels. She’s my all-time favorite author and her books had a huge impact on me growing up!
•Amethyst Star• = GA/VA/Special, Pegasus, Unis, Immortal, Divine
•Amethyst Rose• = >10,000GP Arabians/Shagyas
•Amethyst Dawn• = <10,000GP Arabians/Shagyas
•Amethyst Arrow• = Purebred Irish Hunters & Camargues
12/25/18 - Got my first Divine, Donner 
5/29/19 - Made top 50 in popularity at #49
6/14/19 - Made top 20 in popularity at #19
6/22/19 - Bred my first Unicorn
6/22/19 - Got the Trophy for all Arabian Coats
7/14/19 - Got my second Divine, Chocolatine
Congrats to Sundrop Flower for being my 1500th congratulation and winning an Apollo's Lyre!